Monday, October 18, 2010

Just to let ya know.....

Hi All!
Just an update of what's happening with DaVisioness Designs.
Some of you may know that for a few months this year I was kind of "OUT of Commission" due to real life health issues....HOWEVER, the old bird is back in full swing here and trying to rally up my spunk and get caught up on all the items I was working on just prior to my slight setback.
I've managed one release so far and have many more coming pretty quick here.
(New Boots & Shoes actually).

I also used some of my "downtime" to improve a few things and get caught up with some of the newer tools available on the grid. I'm pretty excited and I think you all will be as well.

I will keep you all informed as we go here and if not one of my "BlogDiva's" will take up my slack and keep you up to date on it all.

Thanks to the many that have continued my very SLOW efforts and continue to shop DaVisioness Designs!

Much Love,
DaQueenB Houston

Saturday, October 2, 2010

DaVisioness Keeps It Simple...

Hello shoe fanatics!!

I know I's been a minute, but damn if DQB hasn't been busy with life and other things!!  What things you ask?  Well aside from RL, which is truly part of the Nunya Category, she's been working on ideas for new shoes!!

So without further ado...introducing...SIMPLICITY!!

Available in Steel Gray, Rust, Purple, Red, Pink, Olive, Emerald, Dark Blue, Cyan, Brown, and Black as well as the shopaholic's pack (seen above), this shiny semi-metallic leather double strap sandal is simple, but gorgeous!

Comes with SkinTone/Nail Color change Hud that has 24 pre-set skin tones & nail colors to customize your look. (Capability to make additional color choices & skintone options also - I tried it and it is damn near my exact skin match!!).This new release has a version just for viewer 2.0 if you prefer the new alpha layer over the old school invisiprim! You can also change your metals ... WITHOUT THE USE OF THE HUD!! Just click your shoes and BOOYAW  options out the wazoo!! At $425L per paid, you can get mix and match or go for the full dozend at $2500L!!!

This shoe is made to be worn with the simplest thing like shorts and tank to the most elegant of ball gowns. So keep it simple, buy the new Simplicity Shoe from DaVisioness and continue to look and feel fabulous at prices you can afford!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Store...aaaaand New Boot!

Hey all!

While the holidays have been winding down, DaVisioness herself has been neck deep in prims: boot prims, shoe prims and yes...even store prims!

That's right!! With the new year, DaVisioness Designs is getting ready to take over the grid, one shoe at a time. So hold on to your boot straps and prepare for the ride of your lives!!  We already hit you with the Amy boot. Now...we're giving you a bit of attitude with the B*yotch Boot!!

DaVisioness Presents: B*yotch Boot 2010

This punchy, gothic leather boot comes in black, blue, dark chocolate, forest green, olive, pecan, purple and red with really eye catching chains, charms and handcuffs (ooooh...handcuffs ^.^ *droooool*  ok ok..focus on the blog woman...SHEESH!).

Your sole, heel and heeltips are available in silver or black. Charms, chains and handcuffs *grins and clears throat refocusing on the task at hand...* are available in either chrome, bronze or gold.  With all of these color and metal options and combinations at the ready to complete your look, this boot is equipped to not only kick an ignorant bamma (translation: "unsavory character and/or a**hat" for those not familiar with the term bamma) in the neck, but to also liven up any outfit from your most delightful denim jeans to even the most sexy lingerie.

And the charms and accessories on the ankle...well they just reveal a teeny tiny message that YOU are not a lady to be trifled with when wearing this amazing boot.

Each boot is available for purchase individually for L$485 or you can buy the fatpack for L$2200.

Who knows...maybe we can convince DaVisioness herself to throw in the bat for free *winks*

While this boot and display is completely urf-worthy, I am making a resolution that for as long as I blog for DaVisioness...I'll "try" not to urfs them any more...and just note that I would like to :P

So swing by the newly remodeled store!! Everything is shaping up to look HAWT for the new year and all displays are 100% free of urfage *winks*  Here's a sneak piccy of the new store just so you can see what is coming down the pike.

Ta for now gang!! And may the shoe be with you...

~Miss K

Friday, December 25, 2009

Get Stoned...with AmyGirl :P

Merry Christmas SLifers!!!

As you stuff your faces with good home cooking and tons of Christmas cheer, DaVisioness has been hard at work getting you guys some brand new gear! (oh that rhymed! O.O)

Presenting a little somethin' somethin' for the tootsie: Stoned

Available individually (L$425) or as a fat pack (correction: shopaholics pack for L$2800), these heels are set to liven up anything from a simple pair of gouchos to the teeniest LBD and set your feet on fire!  Options include: HUD with resizing, 9 preset skin tones with RGB palette to further customize your skin, 8 nail colors, 8 stone textures, 4 sole textures, 4 heel textures and 8 accessories.

Heels not what you're craving this holiday season?  Well let's get your legs nice and covered with the AmyGirl Boot!!  THIS is DaVisioness' newest release and it is HAWT!!  A dyed suede with many colors available, this gorgeous boot is sure to make your legs POP with color and excitement. 

Available in: White,Violet, Red, Purple, Pink, Peach, Mahogany, LightBlue, Lavender, Chocolate, Gold, Gray, Blue & Black.  You can buy each pair for L$485 or buy the fat pack for L$4000.  Liven up your leggings and jeans with this sleek pair of awesome and you'll be glad you did!

Have a Merry Christmas ... and keep those tootsies FRESH with DaVisioness!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas from DaVisioness Designs!

It's Christmas Eve!!  Time to find those last minute gifts to your friends! And what is a better gift than hitting them with a boot? I them a boot?  Giving them boots...from Davisioness!!

As you know from our previous post, we have the limited edition LONG Christmas Boots. Well hold on to your heels...because DaVisioness has released the Christmas Ankle Boot!! That's right!! Same options as our long boot...but for those who don't want their boots to go ... alllll the way up!  And the bonus is it's affordable!!  L$300 for the short boot!  *passes out and twitches*

Now...if you're like me who has an unnatural love for boots and shoes, you might want both!!'re in luck!!  Both the full-length and ankle boot are available together as a fat pack for L$500!!  But (yes...there is always a but...)  these boots are only available until 11:59PM SLT Christmas Day (12/25/2009).

So...definitely swing by today and pick your loved ones up a pair (or two) of these faaaaaaaaaabulous boots!! Santa and your giftees will thank you for keeping their tootsies looking FRESH in DaVisioness.

Merry Christmas all!!

<3 Davisioness Designs

Monday, November 30, 2009

Santa Stole a Boot!

Good morning Fam! You will not believe what happened...

DaVisioness herself was working on her newest release and as she went to turn her back, she spied a round shadow sweep across her wall. When she turned around, she heard a rumbling and immediately thought, "oh no...not the newest release!" as she dashed to the workroom only to find a portly gent, on his knees licking a boot and then trying to steal it!  Now you know how licking items works in the flesh and blood world: you lick's yours!  Anyway...she chased down this rather fast fellow who, for some reason, was seemingly playing with his nose and trying to sneak out of the chimney when she realized it was ... Santa O.O ?!?  I mean I know the economy is a tad shaky, but for real dude? Licking a boot and trying to steal it is NOT the way to go.

Turns out, he was trying to nab them as a gift for the Missus!  After she straightened him out, he agreed to reverse the damage in exchange for a paid for set of the boots for his lil lady and gave her a lil extra to keep th boots limited in edition and release.  After careful consideration she agreed, gave the man the boot (pun intended) and sent him on his way.

Presenting...the Christmas 2009 Limited (Edition) Boot!

This boot is AMAZING.  A crushed velvet boot offers 3 color choices on: colors for the boot (gold, black and red), heels, soles, bells & straps (all operated by our very easy to use hud). Add in the nice fur cuff as your added flair and I can see why the man in red wanted the boots so bad for the wifey...they are HAWT!

Now keep in mind...this is one of three Christmas Boots being released this season at DaVisioness, so you do have opportunities coming for something a little different,'s the trick: this boot will ONLY be available for a limited time and you want to hurry on down to Davisioness before Santa's elves find the "boot"y being hidden for the Missus and try to nab a pair...for themselves...

See you at the main shop!! Here's a lil sleigh ride to help get you there -

(Oh!! We're adding another location!!!  Go to the Dahlinks sim to get a sneak peek at our new store *not all styles of shoe are available at the new location as of yet)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Price Drop!! Yay!!

Hello DaVisioness Family!

This is your friendly neighborhood Miss K with news from DaQueen herself!!  Effective immediately all prim shoes (that's shoes without the prim toes) have been reduced to L$150.  Why you ask?'s simple!  Have you noticed that there is a trend leaning toward that of toe shoes?  Well while we at DaVisioness do make toe shoes, we also know that those shoes can be a tad more expensive than the norm and not all avatars may be inclined to pay hefty prices. And why should you sacrifice your hard earned (or purchased) linden for the sake of good shoes?  That's shouldn't!!  Above are just a few to whet your appetites ;)

So come on by, pick yourself up some wonderful shoes and check out our new stuff too!!  We'll be waaaiiiting....

<3 Miss K and DaQueen