Monday, October 18, 2010

Just to let ya know.....

Hi All!
Just an update of what's happening with DaVisioness Designs.
Some of you may know that for a few months this year I was kind of "OUT of Commission" due to real life health issues....HOWEVER, the old bird is back in full swing here and trying to rally up my spunk and get caught up on all the items I was working on just prior to my slight setback.
I've managed one release so far and have many more coming pretty quick here.
(New Boots & Shoes actually).

I also used some of my "downtime" to improve a few things and get caught up with some of the newer tools available on the grid. I'm pretty excited and I think you all will be as well.

I will keep you all informed as we go here and if not one of my "BlogDiva's" will take up my slack and keep you up to date on it all.

Thanks to the many that have continued my very SLOW efforts and continue to shop DaVisioness Designs!

Much Love,
DaQueenB Houston

1 comment:

Kilolo Jenkins said...

We love you, Queen!! Now just get better and take all the time you need. No more scares, ok?? Now let's take over the shoe world!

Your lil shoe diva in training,
Kilolo :)