Saturday, October 2, 2010

DaVisioness Keeps It Simple...

Hello shoe fanatics!!

I know I's been a minute, but damn if DQB hasn't been busy with life and other things!!  What things you ask?  Well aside from RL, which is truly part of the Nunya Category, she's been working on ideas for new shoes!!

So without further ado...introducing...SIMPLICITY!!

Available in Steel Gray, Rust, Purple, Red, Pink, Olive, Emerald, Dark Blue, Cyan, Brown, and Black as well as the shopaholic's pack (seen above), this shiny semi-metallic leather double strap sandal is simple, but gorgeous!

Comes with SkinTone/Nail Color change Hud that has 24 pre-set skin tones & nail colors to customize your look. (Capability to make additional color choices & skintone options also - I tried it and it is damn near my exact skin match!!).This new release has a version just for viewer 2.0 if you prefer the new alpha layer over the old school invisiprim! You can also change your metals ... WITHOUT THE USE OF THE HUD!! Just click your shoes and BOOYAW  options out the wazoo!! At $425L per paid, you can get mix and match or go for the full dozend at $2500L!!!

This shoe is made to be worn with the simplest thing like shorts and tank to the most elegant of ball gowns. So keep it simple, buy the new Simplicity Shoe from DaVisioness and continue to look and feel fabulous at prices you can afford!!

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